Topic Submission

Topics can be suggested by anyone who suspects there is a concern about the quality of care being provided to patients, you do not have to be a healthcare professional.

Topics should be relevant to the current clinical environment and should have the potential to contribute original/supportive work to the subject. We would like topics that are different from NCEPOD reports published in the previous 10 years, although topics that add learning to historic reports (10 or more years ago) would be considered.

PART1; To help you, we recommend that you contact us first for an informal discussion about your idea – that way we can guide you in the process or prevent you from filling out a full form unnecessarily – access the PART 1_idea.

PART2: If you then complete a full proposal, or wish to move directly to this option, you can access PART 2_full proposal .

NOTE: The deadline for full proposal submissions is 9:00am 8th March