NCEPOD Recommendations

A key role of NCEPOD is to make recommendations based on the findings of the reports we undertake. In addition to the evidence gathered in these reports we carefully consider evidence already available before agreeing within the organisation which recommendations to promote. Many of our recommendations are for clinicians, but others are directed at service provision at both local and national level.

Our recommendations are based on themes that emerge during analysis of the data collected. As well as identifying remediable factors that lead to less than ideal patient care we also highlight examples of good practice and our objective is to encourage others to change their practice to achieve a uniform standard of patient care throughout the NHS and private healthcare systems. Our website carries a list of recommendations from previous reports which we consider to still be relevant. A longstanding recommendation is the use of audit as a means of identifying remediable factors in patient care at a local level.

As clinicians continue to successfully strive to improve the standard of patient care, we hope our recommendations are helpful in providing benchmarks of quality of care and useful negotiating tools with service providers. It is up to the profession, and those who fund health care, to implement the appropriate recommendations thus establishing consistent national standards.

For a full list of all NCEPOD recommendations to date, and their current relevance, please click here.