Audit Toolkit (Excel) above.
We hope you find this useful and if you have any feedback please do contact us at Please can you advise your local audit department if you plan to undertake this audit, it is important that they are made aware of it for the benefit of demonstrating Trust/Board activity and also so that they are in a position to support you and endorse the activity for your benefit.

Resources for members of the public on physical/ mental health
Mental Health UK:
Equally Well UK:
The King’s Fund:
Centre for Mental Health:
Royal College of Psychiatrists:
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Quality Standard 120:
NHS England:
Royal College of Nursing:
British Heart Foundation:
Asthma + Lung UK:
Kidney Care UK:
Carers UK:
NHS England:

For more information on quality improvement:
Health Foundation:
King’s Fund:
NHS Improvement:
East London NHS Foundation Trust:
Institute for Healthcare Improvement:

Useful links:
NCISH annual report :
Physical health checks in primary care for mental health patients :
Wellbeing and mental health: Applying All Our Health - Office for Health Improvement and Disparities:
GIRFT mental health report:

Study Questionnaires
Below are a list of questionnaires used in the study available for download. Click each to download as a pdf file.
Clinician Questionnaire
Organisational Questionnaire hospital level
Organisational Questionnaire Trust board level
Reviewer Assessment Form