Individual Report Sections

Introductory pages: (209KB)

  • Acknowledgements
  • Clinical Contributors
  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Principal Recommendations

Main Report
Section 1 - The quality of care and the causation of death (73KB)
Section 2 - The contribution of post mortem examinations to audit of postoperative deaths (79KB)
Section 3 - The requirements for improved information systems (42Kb)
Section 4 - Data quality audit (89k)
Section 5 - General data (124Kb)
Section 6 - General information about anaesthesia and surgery (307Kb)
Includes subsections:
    6A. General anaesthesia with regional analgesia
    6B. Aortic stenosis
    6C.The organissation of perioperative care and the involvement of critical care teams.
Section 7/8 - Surgery in general (excluding malignancy) (283Kb)
       Vascular surgery
Section 9 - Management of malignancy (200Kb)
Includes subsection:
    9A.Review of histology reports.
Section 10 - Pathology (97Kb)

References 74KB)

Appendices A to H and J (483KB)
A Reported Deaths by Trust/Hospital Group
B Glossary
C Abbreviations
D NCEPOD Corporate Structure
E Data Collection & Review Method
F Local Reporters
G Participants (anaesthetists)
H Participants (surgeons & gynaecologists)
J Case Studies

Appendix I (45Kb)
I Excluded procedures, listed by OPCS code

Data Supplement (anaesthetic and surgial data) (441Kb)